Drone Video Services

Drone technology has simply blown the world of videography right open. Never before has it been as easy, quick or cost-effective to capture aerial shots and footage at even the most difficult of angles using the most impressive of movements.

Wedding videography, TV commercials, documentary filming, visual inspections and online video creation is so much more impactful, more insightful and more captivating with drone video.

At Rotor View Drones, we specialise in delivering high quality, affordable drone video services in Melbourne.  Our highly experienced, professional team of drone operators utilise the best in drone equipment and technology to achieve truly outstanding results.

Our “hangar” includes some of the highest spec gear including the DJI Inspire 1 Pro, DJI Phantom 3 Pro, Red Dragon, FPV Racing Drone, Canon 5D MK3, Sony A7R MK2, Sony A7S MK2, DJI Osmo, RC Dolly, Go Pro Hero 4 and Go Pro Hero Sessions equipment.

The combination of the best in-class equipment with the expertise and experience of our operators ensures Rotor View Drones is the best drone video company in Melbourne.



Enjoy superior quality drone footage at a fraction of the cost of helicopter aerial video services and off-road equipment.

Aerial footage has often been ruled out as a possibility in inspections, commercials, event videos, marketing videos and documentaries because of the expense associated with traditional aerial video services.

However, acquiring the highest quality aerial video Melbourne has to offer at an affordable price doesn’t have to mean a compromise on quality with our high tech drone equipment.


With the help of Rotor View Drones, the leading drone video Melbourne team, you can capture aerial shots and inspections much faster and more efficiently versus traditional aerial video services.

We can set up and have our drone equipment ready to fly within 10 minutes of arriving on site.

In terms of visual inspections in particular, drones allow us to do up to 5 times the amount of inspections per day in comparison to aerial video services operated through full sized aircraft or manual inspection.


Drones can deliver greater accuracy when compared with full sized aircrafts as they can quickly cover larger areas and deliver a large volume of data.

Our drones can even help to create highly accurate 3-D models, georeferenced ortho-mosaic maps and terrain maps.

Explore the possibilities of drone videography. Speak to team at Rotor View Drones, the leading specialist provider of drone footage Melbourne wide to discover how we can capture the aerial footage you need.

We’d be happy to explain our specific services and equipment, show or send you examples of our work and provide you with a quote to meet your specific needs.

Rotor View Drone Intelligence also provide aerial cinematography, drone 3d mapping & damage assessment services in Melbourne.