Drone Photography Services


Traditionally, aerial photography has been a service that has sat outside the budgets of many event organisers, marketing teams and ordinary people wishing to get some aerial shots of their homes or wedding.

The costs of hiring helicopter aerial photography teams and the time it takes to conduct an aerial photography shoot has been a significant barrier preventing people, professionals and companies from being able to include aerial shots in their wedding albums, marketing materials, real estate promotions etc.

However, the innovation and emergence of drone technology has completely transformed the face of aerial photography in Melbourne and beyond.

We’re Rotor View Drones and we’re proud to offer a range of high quality yet affordable drone aerial photography services to both private and corporate clients.

We have fast built a reputation as the leading specialist provider of aerial drone photography Melbourne has to offer thanks to our team of highly experienced drone operators and our stacked “hangar” of high-spec, best in class drone and camera equipment.

If you’re looking to acquire the highest quality drone images Melbourne has to offer at an affordable price and in a speedy timeframe, you’ve come to the right place.

Our drone photography services cater for everyone from wedding couples and corporate marketing teams to real estate agents and proud homeowners.

Aerial Photography for Events

We’ve been involved in capturing impressive aerial shots of some of the best-attended events in the wider Melbourne area. From festivals to talks, live music shows to motorsports and more, we can provide breath-taking high resolution drone footage.

Wedding Drone Photos

Add a whole new perspective and dynamic to your wedding album. We can collaborate with your on-the-ground photographer to deliver the perfect collection of ground view and aerial shots. It will add a never-before-seen dimension to your wedding photos.

Drone Images for Inspections

Need to get a clear picture or assessment of potential damage to power lines, properties or pipelines? Our drones inspections can capture aerial shots from even the most difficult and awkward of angles, delivering high-resolution imagery of the areas you wish to inspect without the need for personnel to climb to heights.

Real Estate Aerial Photos

Ensure your real estate property stands out in the marketplace by including a number of aerial shots among your gallery of imagery from the leading provider of drone photography Melbourne wide. Listings with both high quality ground view and aerial imagery always attract far greater engagement and interest from prospective buyers.

Marketing Collateral

Achieve more engaging, intriguing, impressive marketing collateral with the inclusion of some aerial shots of your premises or other landscapes and perspectives in your print and digital materials.

Rotor View Drones have a solid, unrivalled reputation for capturing the best drone photos in Melbourne. Get in touch with our team today to request samples of our work and to discuss our services in more detail.