Drone Inspection Services


The traditional methods of conducting aerial inspections are costly and can pose a risk to the safety of others.

The development of drone technology has been monumental in transforming the field of aerial photography. Drone photography is changing the way companies and individuals are auditing and inspecting properties and infrastructures by enabling fast, accurate and safe collection of high-resolution imagery and video footage.

Drone technology makes the inspection of asset, power and pipelines easier, faster and safer:


Drones can easily navigate and film at even the most difficult and awkward of angles, without the need for any additional personnel or equipment other than the drone and drone operators.


Full aerial inspections utilising drone technology can be completed in a matter of hours. We can have our equipment set up and ready to fly within 10 minutes of arriving on site.


Rather than sending people to capture aerial photography at dangerous heights on potentially weakened structures etc., companies can now utilise drone video to conduct inspections in a safe and compliant manner.

Rotor View Drones are the leading specialist provider of drone inspections Melbourne wide. We utilise the best drone and camera gear including the DJI Phantom 3 Pro, Canon 5D MK3, RC Dolly, Go Pro Hero Sessions, Go Pro Hero 4, Red Dragon and FPV Racing Drone equipment to deliver incredibly accurate and precise aerial inspection services in Melbourne.

Using our high spec drone equipment, we can perform 5 times the workload of standard manual inspections in a far more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our specialist drone inspection services include, but are not limited to:

Power Line Aerial Inspections

Utilising drone technology, telecoms and utilities companies can identify and resolve issues with power lines faster while enhancing worker safety.

Our drone equipment can capture high-res imagery and video footage of any area of a power line or tower helping to identify areas of damage whilst removing the need for personnel to climb the tower to conduct an inspection.

Drone Inspection of Oil & Gas Pipelines 

Our drone equipment can collect incredibly accurate data, aiding methane detection and the identification of any other defects or issues with oil and gas pipelines. We can capture high-resolution imagery and utilise millions of survey points for design, calculations, & certifications. 

Drone Asset Inspections

Need to assess damage or inspect the upper levels of a property? Rotor View Drones can facilitate drone asset inspections to quickly and cost-effectively assess hard to reach areas and identify any abnormalities or issues such as cracks, surface wear and tear, shifting of panels etc.

Contact the expert Rotor View drones team today to discuss how we can help you to conduct the safest, most cost-effective aerial inspections Melbourne has to offer.