Aerial Cinematography


Rotor View Drones are the leading specialist provider of aerial cinematography Melbourne wide, utilising the latest innovations in drone technology and intelligence to deliver a selection of high quality, cost-effective drone cinematography services.

When shooting a commercial, event, wedding, marketing videos or a movie, capturing dynamic shots at spectacular angles and using unique camera movements is essential to delivering footage with maximum impact and appeal.

No matter the video project, aerial shots can add a whole other spectrum to the footage but rarely can a project consume the expense of hiring a helicopter aerial photography crew. However, thanks to innovative drone technology, your wedding, event or commercial video or even your short film can include unique angles and camera movement without facing the expense and the multitude of limitations of helicopter aerial video crews.

commercial cinematography

Need to enhance a T.V. commercial with some impressive aerial shots or footage? Rotor View Drones can help you to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your TV commercials with the ability quickly and cost-effectively capture shots from awesome angles.

Real Estate

How do you get top dollar for your real estate property in a competitive market? As your drone video service providers, Rotor View Drones can get impressive aerial shots of your property, ensuring to peak lots of genuine interest and demand.


In the world of online media and social networking, it can be hard to get your marketing videos to stand out.

Rotor View Drones can help you better engage and captivate your audience with your online and social media video content, providing you with aerial footage and shots which stand out among the mass of video content online.

aerial cinematography for Events

Only aerial cinematography can truly capture the atmosphere of an event. Using our professional drones and racing drones, we can capture amazing footage of the crowd, performers, stands etc. using an array of angles and movements that helicopter crews or on-the-ground photographers could never facilitate.

It’s the cost-effective way to capture the true essence of any event.


Drone cinematography can add a whole other dynamic to the filming of a documentary, capturing scenes not unlike that of prime time TV documentaries. Using drone technology, documentary makers can capture shots of views, landmarks, sites or even animals which they otherwise may have had to risk their safety or go to great expense to capture footage of for their documentary.

aerial wedding cinematography

Your memoir of your big day can become a whole lot more spectacular by including unique aerial footage in collaboration with footage from your ground videographer. Aerial footage adds a wonderful narrative and elegance to any wedding video.

Explore the expanding possibilities of drone cinematography.

Contact the Rotor View Drones team today to discuss our aerial cinematography services in Melbourne and learn how we can enhance your commercial, marketing video or event footage.